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     We are celebrating creating software for the Commodore Vic 20 for 35 Years! So one of the things we are doing is converting all of our games to Machine Language. This will take some time but many titles are already available. Look through the catalogue to see what games inspire you. These games are meant to be played on a real computer, and due to some of the limitations of emulators not all games will work on an emulator.

Castle Queen you are the Queen who is trapped outside of her castle. The robot guards are haywire and keeping the you from getting into the castle. Luckily there are keys left out in the open, in this isometric platformer. So all you have to do is collect the keys and avoid the robots to get further into the castle.
Castle Queen
Realm of Evil in this RPG you must scour the lands looking for items to slowly get you closer to the evil wizard king. You will have to defeat monsters, find treasure, talk to merchants, search catacombs, use clues and keys in your quest to rid the realm of evil.
Realm of Evil

Betelgeuse is celebrating it's 25th year! In this series of text adventures, COMMAND has sent you to the Betegeuse system. Pirates abound in this area you will have to avoid them when possible. Each of the seven missions has it own objective. Newly converted to ML and upgraded in this 25th anniversary edition.


     AJ & KJ are proud to offer a few accessories to improve your game playing experience.

2 Joystick Adapter

available on  tape distributed by GNJN Stuff
available on disk
can use the second joystick**
means the program needs no expansion
means the program needs 3K expansion
means the program needs 8K expansion
means the program needs 16K expansion

Prices for games do not include shipping. Shipping outside of Canada is 20$CAN untracked, or 50$CAN with tracking. We will try to discount shipping for multiple items when possible.

** This is a second joystick hooked up through the RS 232 port (the modem port). See 2nd joystick adapter under Accessories.