The Classic series:
The classic series is designed to be used with a real Vic 20 in mind, with the common add ons of the time. A cassette player was standard in the 80's, while a disk drive was not, so all games are available on tape, only a few are availble as well on disk. Common memory expansions were 3K, 8K, and 16K. Although there were many others available (up to 64k!) they were not terribly common.

AJ & KJ was started when two kids talked about making a game for the vic 20. Within a few months Kurt created the game he thought the other boy had described and made a copy for him. It turned out it was not even close, but the idea of making games under the umbrella of the name was solidified. Although the boys lost contact within a few years, the name and idea remained. In 1987 an attempt was made to group the best of the games into a public offering, but it was too late and most people had moved on. Kurt continued to program off and on and in the late 2000's found other Vic 20 enthusiasts, such as the Geocites page for Denial. In 2013, the game Exploria was completed, a huge all ML project that was created without an assembler. This was the start of a renewed interest in creating games for the Vic 20. At the moment Kurt Johns is the sole member of this project.