You are in the Tau Ceti system, and COMMAND has missions for you.You land on each planet and recieve your mission. Danger and excitement lie in the solutions to the quests on these strange far away planets. Seven text adventures.

There are six text adventures, each has it's own objective. You move and act in this world by typing one, two and very rarely three word combinations. N or north will move you north if is it is possible, and works for all the directions. I or Inventory, T or Time will work for some games. Look,Use,Go, Get are good common verbs. Many of the objects (nouns) you can interact with are highlighted near the top of the screen. Because they are all under 6K they will not respond to every word combination. If you press L at the beginning of one planet you will skip to the next.

.tap files can be downloaded with the game icon. physical copies can be purchased with the buy now button.

in .tap format

project started- 1998 
project finished - Jan 6 2015
creator - Kurt Johns 
programmer - Kurt Johns 
memory configuration -
language - ML 
version - 1.3


2015 gnjn stuff