Vycryle is back !! His ghost has taken over where he could not. You can use your character from Vycryle or create a new one. A new Character Class is added along with powerful new weapons, spells, items and monsters. The town of Dras is relatively free of monsters but sail across the ocean of tears to put a stop to Vycryles influence.

This is the sequel RPG to Vycryle, but you don't need the original, or have played the original, to play the sequel. You can make a new character, load a pre-made one or, convert one from Vycryle. The city of Dras is alot more peaceful these days, but this is where you can go to markets, see a mage, and go to the review board. As you advance levels you will be able to explore new areas, cross the sea, and enter other crypts. Eventually you will find and fight the ghost of the evil mage Vycryle! If using the cassette format you will need an extra cassette to save your character on.

.tap files can be downloaded with the game icon. physical copies can be purchased with the buy now button.

in .tap format

project started- april 1996
project finished - may 1996
creator - Kurt Johns
programmer - Kurt Johns
memory configuration - 8
language - BASIC
version - 1


© 1996 aj & kj