Vycryle is an evil mage who is trying to ruin your countryside. Even your city of Dras has evil monsters walking at night! Create your characteror load one from the disk. You must hone your skill before you face Vycryle. Increase your skill by killing monsters, and make sure to go to the markets, they have items you need. Don't worry Vycryle has lots of evil friends for you to practice on.

Vycryle is a simple RPG for the Vic. You create your character, by selecting his attributes like race and role (fighter, mage ect.). Or you can load a premade one (disk only). Basically you must build up your character in the dangerous city of Dras. Also visit the markets, the mage, and the review board to get items and to advence levels. When he/she is strong enough you will be able to enter the wilderness and try and find Vycryles pyramid. When you are truly strong enough, you will enter Vycryle's pyramid and go into the crypts. Eventually you will find and fight the evil mage Vycryle! If using the cassette format you will need an extra cassette to save your character on.

.tap files can be downloaded with the game icon. physical copies can be purchased with the buy now button.

in .tap format

project started- 1987
project finished - 17 Dec 1994 
creator - Kurt Johns
programmer - Kurt Johns
memory configuration - 8
language - BASIC
version - 1


© 1994 aj & kj