Distractions is a set of programs for your Vic. There are Distractions which are sort of like screen savers that you can watch. There are 10 of these then there are 5 pieces of art. And 14 games plus several secrets. All under one roof.

The cassette version is on 2 tapes. Each cassette has it's own loader where you can pick from the programs available. There is a feature available on the real (physical) version that will allow you to fast forward to the beginning of the program you want (because of limitations in Xvic emulator the feature does not work properly on it).

.tap files can be downloaded with the game icon. physical copies can be purchased with the buy now button.

in .tap format

project started- 1997 
project finished -Feb 25 2015
creator - Kurt Johns 
programmer - Kurt Johns 
memory configuration -
language - BASIC & ML 
version - 1


2015 gnjn stuff