It is your job to map this universe. But it is a puzzle to get to some parts, and you will have to count of your dexterity to avoid some of the creatures that inhabit this world. 256 rooms!

There are 4 levels of 64 rooms each, you must  enter every room to complete the level. There are many things that hinder or help your progress, such as elevators, teleporters, switches that make changes to the rooms, and evil little creatures. On top of that you can't fall off the edge, nor can you climb steps. Each level has it's own theme song. An addictive and challenging game.

.tap files can be downloaded with the game icon. physical copies can be purchased with the buy now button.

in .tap format

project started- sep 5 2002 
project finished - 2.13am 10 Jan 2013 
creator - Kurt Johns 
programmer - Kurt Johns 
memory configuration -
language - ML 
version - 1.1


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