Keyboard 0 (25 keys with optional keyboard)
Year Made 2017
Original List Price $499
Polyphony 4
Mulitimberal 3
Tones & Patches 1 performance
Type of Synthesis Digital Synthesis
Effects Ensemble
Sequencer or Arpeggio Step Sequencer
Drum Sets 0
MIDI programmable 1-16
Outputs 1 stereo out mini jack, USB digital out
Backup MIDI sysex
Options Keyboard, Dock

My Comments
I wasn't entirely sure to call this a module or a keyboard. As I don't have the keyboard attachment, it is sort of like a table top module, but if I get the keyboard, it would certainly be a synth. I haven't had a chance to really go to deep with this but the vocoder is very good. The string and choir sounds are vintage awesomeness. Almost all the controls are on the top panel so it isn't too hard to use. The only thing I haven't been able to test is the sample sequencer. But from what I hear so far this is awesome. The things many people have complained about, are a line in (to be a true vocoder), and the limited polyphony. While these features would be nice I think I am happy with what's here. I remember looking at the VP-770 and even used it was about 3 times the price ( maybe more now). Anyway it was a good buy. Oh and I guess they are discontinued now so I got it just in time. Oh yeah this is my first actual brand new Roland purchase!


I rate it 
I bought it for 549$ c
I owned it from Jun 2019 - present
Current PrePay value ?$ us
condition of my gear
cosmeticaly It's brand new
electronically It's brand new
2019: Just trying to find a place for it physically as my cords are all quite short. It will eventually replace the VP-70.