Type of Device Effects unit
Year Made 2016
Original List Price $395
Effects 8 Vocoder type effects
Memories 8
Features Instrument Out
MIDI Channel 16 only
Outputs 1 Mic Output, 1 Instrument out

My Comments
I had wanted a vocoder FOREVER! Unfortunately the prices were way out of my league, especially for the Roland stuff (a few months after I bought this Roland released the VC-03). This is one of the few things I have bought brand new, and wouldn't you know it, it was broken right out of the box. I ended up waiting another 6 weeks for another new one. But the wait was worth it! This box is amazingly awesome. Unfortunately there is no instument in, but it does have a built in synthesizer with 2 sounds (that you could MIDI up and use just as a synth with the instrument out jack) One sound is the saw like sound that gives you cylons in the lower registers, the other is more organlike and is a bit softer for the vocoder. So the default factory patches are Robo-1, Robo2, Robo-3, Single Drone, Major Drone, Minor Drone, Transposition, Instrument Control, and Reflex Tune. These are typical basic patches to show you what it can do (with out too many other devices) Aside from Instrument Control all of these work without MIDI input and are unimportant to me. Except maybe Reflex Tune which is thier version of auto-tune. I've used that patch once. I've set up vocoders to work with the keyboards and sequencer tons of times and it ROCKS! There are still a few things I haven't played with much yet, but I will. The more I use it the more I want to use it! Easily the best 400$ I've spent!


I rate it 
I bought it for 400$ c
I owned it from 2017 - present
Current PrePay value ~375 us
condition of my gear
cosmeticaly Brand New
electronicallyBrand New
2018: it is on the right hand top of the MKB-200 and is used in many of the newer songs. It is plugged into the left side (and probably the main) mic.


I don't think I will find much for this