SN-U110-05 Orchestral Strings

05-001 VIOLIN 1
05-002 VIOLIN 2
05-003 VIOLIN 3
05-004 CELLO 1
05-005 CELLO 2
05-006 CELLO 3
05-007 CELLO/VLN
05-008 CB/CELLO
05-010 HARP 1
05-011 HARP 2

My Comments
I'm glad I didn't pay 80$ for this card either. I do understand that the samples are significantly longer and thusly the card cannot hold as many sounds, but I would be very disappointed with only 11 sounds. And hardly any variety. I do like the pizzicato sound and the harps. Not really crazy about the cello/violin sounds. I guess I just feel it would be hard to make these sounds not sound synthetic. And as far as manipulating them into something interesting. It would still be a string sound ...