SN-U110-12 Sax and Trombone

12-001 SAX SW 1
12-002 SAX SW 2
12-003 SAX SW 3
12-004 SAX SW 4
12-005 SAX P 1
12-006 SAX P 2
12-007 SAX P 3
12-008 SAX MF 1
12-009 SAX MF 2
12-010 SAX FF
12-011 TRB SW 1
12-012 TRB SW 2
12-013 TRB P
12-014 TRB MF
12-015 TRB FF
12-016 TP/TRB SW 1
12-017 TP/TRB SW 2
12-018 TP/TRB P
12-019 TP/TRB MF
12-020 TP/TRB FF

My Comments
This card might be good for some, but I don't like it. Obviously a saxophone is an instrument that has many nuances, and roland tried to capture as many as memory would allow. I would say it is a valiant attempt at a realistic saxophone tone. There are some very cool velocity switched sax sounds where you hear the rattle when the sax is played very hard. But I personally have no need of a saxophone sound. I also like the velocity switched trombone sounds, but didn't like the trumpet/trombone sounds. So this card was kind of a loser for me.