My Library
[a/b/c/d] [a] Fdrums
[b] Fdrums
[c] Fdrums
[d] Fdrums
[a] u-20 kick
[b] u-20 snare
[c] u-20 high hat
[d] u-20 cymbal
Roland style (kick c1,snare d1, high hat f#1, cymbal c#2)
Loads Channel 4
[a/b/c/d] [a] Dnoiz
[b] Dnoiz
[c] Dnoiz
[d] Dnoiz
[a] superlow BD 
[b] percussive noise 
[c] click 
[d] tom sound
Roland style (kick c1,snare d1, high hat f#1, tom g1)
Loads Channel 4
[a][b][c][d] [a] Soft cloud
[b] Resonant Sweep
[c] Orchestra Crash
[d] Resonant Sweep2
Synth Samples Loads Channel 4
[a][b][c][d] [a] Tambourine
[b] Shwug
[c] Gong
[d] Guiro
Different Percussion Loads channel 4
[a][b][c][d] [a] Ping1
[b] Ping2
[c] Steeldrum
[d] Glass
Tuned Percussion Loads channel 4
[a][b][c][d] [a] Cold
[b] Breath
[c] Buzz
[d] Erie Lows
[a] white noise synth sound
[b] heavy breathing
[c] 60 hz buzz (great bass)
[d] EVIL!!
Loads Channel 4
[a][b][c][d] [a] Tape1
[b] Tape2
[c] Tape3
[d] Tape4
Tape samples [d] is a wierd loop Loads Channel 4
[a][b][c][d] [a] Drips
[b] Wet2
[c] Water
[d] Wet1
[a] Dripping sounds
[b] running water
[c] water splash sound
[d] Water running down a drain
Loads Channel 4
[a][b][c][d] [a] Voivod1
[b] Voivod2
[c] Voivod3
[d] Voivod4
different samples from voivods first album Loads Channel 4
[a/b][c][d] [a/b] D noiz2
[c] kik/snare
[d] e. tom
[a/b] White noise-like sounds
[c] simmons kik & hard velocity simmons snare
[d] electronic tom from mks-30
Loads Channel 4
[a][b][c][d] [a] moog beat
[b] tribell
[c] bottles
[d] island
ensoniq esq-1 samples Loads channel 4
[a][b][c][d] [a] Filter Flow
[b] Pillow
[c] Pluck
[d] Swell
Jx-3p samples Loads channel 4
[a][b][c][d] [a] Sharp
[b] Ghost
[c] Hardline
[d] Pianolike
Synth samples Loads channel 4
[a/b/c/d] [a] EdrumsEP11
[b] EdrumsEP11
[c] EdrumsEP11
[d] EdrumsEP11
[a] EP-11 kick
[b] EP-11 snare
[c] EP-11 high hat
[d] EP-11 open high hat
Roland style (kick c1,snare d1, high hat f#1, open high hat a#2)
Loads Channel 4
[a][b][c][d] [a] Pulse1
[b] Pulse2
[c] Pulse3
[d] Pulse4
Interac-like sounds Loads Channel 4
[a][b][c][d] [a] Ah
[b] La
[c] FYeah
[d] FOh
[a] Male vocal
[b] Male vocal
[c] Female vocal w/ flourish
[d] Female vocal w/ flourish
Loads Channel 4
[a][b][c][d] [a] Drumloop1
[b] Drumloop1
[c] Drumloop1
[d] Drumloop1
various drumloops Loads Channel 4
[a][b][c][d] [a] Rain1
[b] Thunder1
[c] Rain2
[d] Thunder2
The Thunder samples are not as good as I
had hoped, because they were too long.
Loads Channel 4
[a][b][c][d] [a] OctBass
[b] Seq1
[c] Seq2
[d] Seq3
[a] Loop bass octave
[b] Loop single note repeat
[c] Loop strange arppeggio
[d] Loop minor chord
Loads Channel 4
[a][b][c][d] [a] Fatbubble
[b] Distbass1
[c] Distbass2
[d] Distbass3
I had hoped these would turn out better, maybe
when I have some time I will try to fix them.
Loads Channel 4
[a][b][c][d] [a] Leave it
[b] Totally hip
[c] RUSHmystic
[d] GFxynobis
[a] loop of a cappella for Yes's leave it
[b] loop of guitar riff for Tagically hip's new orleans is sinking
[c] loop of drums from Mystic Rythyms by Rush
[d] loop of Xynobis by Godflesh
Loads as channel 4
[abcd] [abcd] HOTMVsmpl vocal sample for Down. Is very grainy
because I lost the original recording and
because the sample is very long.
Loads as channel 4
[ab][cd] [a/b][c/d] Apre Vsmpl vocal samples for Aperature Loads as channel 4

Randomsloads as channel 4      
[ab] C+Cmusic Factory
[abcd] Owner of a Loney Heart
[a] Clink
[a] Cough
[a] Doonk1
[a] Doonk2
[a] Drumloop5
[a] Echo
[a] FilterSq
[a] Guitar1
[a] My Bass
[a] OrchStart
[a] Pan1
[a] Ship1
[a] Sparkle
[a] Yeah
[b] Bone1
[b] Crash1
[b] Crash2
[b] Heybaby
[b] Minorpad
[b] Orgasmic
[b] Pail1
[b] Pan2
[b] Slap
[b] Snort
[b] Static
[b] Uh
[b] Wah
[c] Crash3
[c] Fart
[c] NRTG1
[c] Pan3
[c] Steeldrum(untuned)
[c] SynthDrum
[c] Tin1
[c] Vibration
[c] Zipper
[d] B&Bnoiz
[d] Dish1
[d] NRTG2
[d] Pan4
[d] Stove1
[d] Stove2
[d] Swoosh
[d] Tin2
[d] YOwhiteGI
Sample of the chorus and a guitar sample
Samples someone put together for playing OOALH
A percussive sample
A cough
A percussive sample
A percussive sample
another drumloop
3 note arp thought it could be looped didn't work so well
Playing with the resonance on a note
A chord on the guitar
A sample I used for bass for many live gigs
An Orchestra tuning up
A percussive sample
A space sound
A cool synth sound couldn't get it to loop properly
Me saying Yeah
A percussive sample
A percussive sample
A percussive sample
Les Claypool saying Hey Baby
A minor chord, again thought it would work better than it did
A girl making a pleased owh sound, got it with the sampler
A percussive sample
A percussive sample
A percussive sample
Random static
Uh sample
I cool analogue sounding thing, but no sustain
A percussive sample
a Fart sound
Back up vocals for Not Ready to Go by the Trews
A percussive sample
The untuned version I used it in a song so I thought I should keep it
A kick snare sound I wanted to loop, but it was a bit too long
A percussive sample
A cool 2 octave glissando
A zipper sound
A percussive sample
A percussive sample
Back up vocals for Not Ready to Go by the Trews
A percussive sample
A percussive sample
A percussive sample
A spacy sound
A percussive sample
Cheezy sample of Yo White Girl