Keyboard 61 keys
Year Made 2001
Original List Price $ ?
Polyphony 64
Mulitimberal 16
Tones & Patches 640 tones 256 patches
Type of Synthesis Digital ?
Effects 42 different multi-effects
Sequencer or Arpeggio Arpeggio
Drum Sets 8
MIDI Channel 1-16 programmable for 16 instruments
Outputs 2 - Out L & R
Backup SYSEX

My Comments
I bought this used, but it was in great shape. The stickers were still on it! Unfortunately my joy was short lived. As I started to program sounds for the cover band, I quickly found many limitations. Really in many was my U-20 is a more powerful keyboard. The RS-5's only real strong suites are its cornicopia of multi-effects and it arpeggiator. I find it puzzling that you would include 640 tones and only allow 2 to be played (from the keyboard) simultaneously. But turn of the arpeggiator, play with the resonance and cut-off control and ... wow! Unfortunately this serves no practical purpose, and reminds me of the phrase " If you can't blind them with brillance baffle them with bullshit". Even the sounds, to me, sound thin. Although I still have every intention of having this replace the U-20 in my cover band set-up, I can tell I will constantly be wondering how I can bullshit my way with these patches.
Dec 2008: OK I have spent some more time with this unit and have to admit there are some really cool sounds on here. I used the brass patched to simulate an orchestra, and think it did a good job, but it still has drawbacks. There are just as many bad sounds, and I find the keyboard "feels" wierd. I guess I just like the feel of the old '80s synths.

I just reset it to the factory settings because it was working less and less like it should. I'm really having a hard time setting it up the way I would like. I hope I can figure something out because there are alot of cool sounds (except the piano curiously) and I think it should a very usable keyboard.
I rate it 
I bought it for 390$ c
I owned it from 2008 - present
Current PrePay value 399$ us
condition of my keyboard
cosmeticaly It is in near mint condition
electronicallyFunctions perfectly
2016: Although I have used it a bit (for some sequencing and some recording) It mostly just sits around. There is a part of me that wants to sell it and another part that doesn't.

2012: it is set up with the others, but the slicer effect has mysteriously stopped working and there were other problems so I reset it to the factory settings.

2010: This keyboard is set up with the others downstairs, but I will be programming it to finally use live. I can honestly say I'm not crazy about the sounds, but they will have to do.

2008: In my dining room waiting to be programmed for the cover band, and in the meantime just looking nice.


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