Keyboard none
Year Made 1987
Original List Price $ 200
Tracks 2 (4 with advanced use)
Songs 1
Memory 64k 
Drum Sets none
MIDI 1 In 1 Out , soft Thru
Backup 2.8" quick disks
Options foot pedals

My Comments
I bought this primarily for the disk drive for my s-220. I had a hard time getting it.  I started ordering it on Dec 27 2003 but between bad weather and bad timing I didn't recieve it till Feb 23 2004. It seems like a simple sequencer, with no editing capabilities.The Pr-100 records on 2 tracks but you can create 2 sub tracks by saving and exchanging the 2 tracks with the 2 sub-tracks. This could have been a good 4 track sequencer with some simple editing tools. Really in my opinion the lack of editing and the quick drive are it's biggest drawbacks. Funny thing is the unit I have is black with that light blue writing Roland used to use. Maybe like the MKS-7 it came in an ivory version too! 

2012: Because my MC-50 is broken, I have been playing with this and I am starting to think it was actually a pretty good sequencer. Although I would find it a bit cramped with only 4 tracks, I do like it's interface. There are some cool functions like programming pauses. It's too bad you can't edit the Rhythm track that would be awesome! It took a bit of getting used to, but I like it. The only problem with usinig this alot would be finding more quick disks. I guess that is it's true limitation, that you can only save as many sequences as you have quick disks. So I'm changing my rate it from 2 to a strong 3.
I rate it 
I bought it for 40$ c
I owned it from feb 2004 - present 
Current PrePay value 52$ us
condition of my sequencer
cosmeticaly There are a few typical scratches
electronicallyIt seems to be in great shape
2016: It is still sitting around because it is worthless, and yet I don't want to throw it away. I keep hoping I can find a use for it.

2012:it is sitting on top of the rack next to the broken MC-50.

2010: Unfortunately this guy is packed away for now.

2008: Because I hadn't even looked at it for a few years I dug it out and tried to see if I could incorperated it into the set up. Alas really there is no need, although I am appreciating this unit a little more, as I become more familiar with it. At this moment it is hooked up to my HP-800 just to fool around with.

2006: Well this has become an interesting paper weight, even if I had the space I probably wouldn't use it much. If only there was some sort of editor for it ......


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