Keyboard Porn.
March 2020

A few pics from the Houseparty show, bottom 3. Then the current set-up, top 2.

Feb 2019

I decided to keep the keys for the Where Art Goes To Die show (system 2) separate so I added the other 2 keyboards that weren't set up. The mic on the right is hooked up to the JUNO-Di. Keys: MKB-200, MKB-300, EP-11, JX-3P. JUNO-106, JUNO-Di, RS-5 Racks: DEP-3, GP-16, M-12e, M-120, A-880, VP-70, GP-8, MKS-50, D-110, U-220, JV-880. S-220, S-550, MKS-7, MKS-10, MKS-30 MISC MC-50, V-256. System 2 : U-20, aJUNO-1

June 2018

System3. HP-5500s,RS-5,EM-101,PR-100.

May 2018

After the show I added a couple keyboards back into the set-up. Keys: MKB-200, MKB-300, EP-11, JX-3P. JUNO-106, aJUNO-1, U-20 Racks: DEP-3, GP-16, M-12e, M-120, A-880, VP-70, GP-8, MKS-50, D-110, U-220, JV-880. S-220, S-550, MKS-7, MKS-10, MKS-30 MISC MC-50, V-256.

Apr 2018

I have to share some pictures from the recent show, basically from the basement to the gallery.

Jan 2018

Again not much has changed except for the addition on the M-12e and the V-256, but I felt it was time for some new pictures. Also the projector on the top of one rack so I can watch the show and you can see the RS-5 and the Juno-1 (in its case) leaning against the wall.

Apr 2016

Not much has changed but here are a few new pictures anyway.

Nov 2015

I haven't been playing alot lately, so everything got moved around alot. I have been trying to make more use of the MKB-300, and I am probably going to use the Juno-1 and the U-20 for my live stuff with the cover bands, and the rest for my Bëker shows. So this is what it looks like for now, the 3 sequencers, the rack, keys on my new A frame keyboard stand, the controllers, and a wide picture.

Jun 2014

When I set up the keyboards after the Bëker show, I took my time to make sure there was room for everything. I think it is organized a bit better. I also moved the MKS-10 into the old rack and the JV-880 and GP-8 into the old old rack. Starting at the top and moving counter clockwise: the EP-11 and JX-3P, the U-20 and the MKB-200 almost hidden below, a ɑjuno-1, a juno-106, and RS-5 on the bottom, the MKB-300, and back near the top the 2 racks of goodies. Rack 1: from top to bottom: S-220,S-550,MKS-7, MKS-10, MKS-30. Rack 2: M-120 mixer, VP-70 Vocal processor, GP-8 Effects, JV-880 synth and a modified LP-304 light controller.

May 14 2014

Packing up and on the way to the Bëker show.

Mar 2014

I traded the U-20 and the MKB-200, and started a second rack below the main one that holds the mixer and the vocoder. This freed up a keyboard stand for the MKB-300.

Jan 2014

Now with the MKB-300 and a change to the rack. I took out the mixer and added my GP-8 effects unit.

Dec 2013


Just before another big change in my life. I had gotten a few more keyboards, a brand new RS-5, and a Juno-106 and HP-800 that both needed alot of TLC.


After I moved yet again I set up in the basement of my new digs. All of my stuff set up in and jammin away. The rack wasn't even full yet!


I found another actual picture. This is my set-up a bit later. Just basically more keyboard stands and a music stand for the MC-50. This must be just before my aquisition of the S-550, MKS-30, MKB-200 & EP-11. Altogether a PR-100 on the JX-3P, the U-20 below, and the S-220 with a ton of disks. The MC-50 on the music stand and the Ensoniq ESQ-1 on the far left.


These are really old they were scanned from REAL pictures!!! At this time I only had the JX-3P, U-20, and Ensoniq ESQ-1, a MC-50 and somewhere should be my S-220. Plus old school recording: my Yamaha cassette 4-track, and it looks like a really old version of Cubase on the computer.