Year Made 1986
Original List Price $?
Polyphony 6
Mulitimberal 1
Tones & Patches 128 patches
Type of Synthesis Digital VCOs
Effects Chorus
Sequencer or Arpeggio none
Drum Sets none
MIDI programmable 1-16
Outputs Main Out L & R
Backup Sysex, tape
Options pg-300 programmer

My Comments
A friend phoned and asked if I wanted some keyboard stuff, for FREE. Even though I already had the alpha Juno 1 how could I say no. The person who had this before me didn't program it at all, so it is literally stock. All the patches are the same as the Juno 1. There are a couple of small differences, each tone has it's own MIDI functionality, tuning and a few other features. Bundled together this is now a patch (as with the Juno 1 all these settings are global) and I think that's about it. Otherwise it is the same synth engine. Did I need it? No. Will I use it? absolutely!
I rate it 
I bought it for 0$ c
I owned it from jul 2015 - present
Current PrePay value ?$ us
condition of my keyboard
cosmeticaly There are a few scratches on the front.
electronically Nothing that I can hear.
2016: Set up in rack 2, and it finally has it's own MIDI channel.

2015:Set up and in the new rack. When I have time I would like to program some cool sounds on it.


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