Keyboard 76 keys
Year Made 1983
Original List Price $?
Polyphony none
Mulitimberal 2 zones
Tones & Patches 128 patches
Type of Synthesis none
Effects none
Sequencer or Arpeggio none
Drum Sets none
MIDI programmable 1-16 for 2 zones
Outputs none, 4 MIDI outs
Backup none
Options damper and soft pedals

My Comments
I bought this locally. It was very beat up but worked. It needed a power cord (don't they always) and batteries and some TLC. It is a bit older and a bit more rudimentary than the MKB-200. There is no aftertouch, and no sysex control, but it is a sort of semi weighted 76 key keyboard. It feels real nice. When I have a chance I am going to play with the dynamics setting, it seems OK where it is but maybe it could be better. The ends are pretty beat and and covered with duct tape, but that is mostly cosmetic. They are wood so I'll just have to clean them up and put on a little black paint, and I'll put some paint on the top as well. It is pretty scratched up, someone actually gigged with this behemoth! But it works great, except the memory function, I will have to get some batteries to check that out. One of the damper jacks is broken, it may still work, but I never use these anyway. Aside from the scratches and wear it looks really good too. Complimenting the early MKS modules with some similar buttons and some patch buttons that are similar to the JX-3P (and probably the Jupiter 6), just black and gray. Hooked it up to my JV-880 and played it for a couple of hours before I realized how long I was messing around. Two words: Love it!

So I have had about a week to play with it. I replaced the batteries and tried to remove some of the duct tape, to no avail. I quickly found out it has alot less features than the MKB-200. I found out how handy it is to have volume controls, and how much I miss not having them. But it plays so amazingly. I have had it on a piano patch alot, I almost feel like a piano player (but I am not). The keys are not weighted but I quickly realized they are longer,like a pianos. I am so used to playing synths that these keys are freaking me out (in a good way)!! I checked out the patch change function as well, by using the soft jacks (You have to hold patch 1 down while turning it on for this function!). It said in the manual that you must use 2 pedals, but I just put an adapter in and it seems to work. I have yet to try it with the GP-8, but I'm sure it will work. Still loving it!
I rate it 
I bought it for 100$ c
I owned it from jan2014 - present
Current PrePay value n/a
condition of my keyboard
cosmeticaly  There are a multitude of scratches, dents, and heavy wear marks on this poor thing.
electronicallyEverything works great, but I noticed the Upper Damper jack is broken. I don't use it, so I doubt that I will fix it.
2016: Sort of the centerpiece of the Bėker show (just because it is so big) It is now the controller for rack2. I am also using the MIDI outs as a splitter, one signal goes to rack 2 the other goes to the V256 (and maybe soon another signal will go to the EP-11!)

2014: I made space to set it up with the other keyboards but I am running out of room.


I think you can download the manual from Roland.