Keyboard none
Year Made 1991
Original List Price $795
Tracks 8
Songs 8 in MRC up to 99 in MRP
Memory 175k
Drum Sets none
MIDI 1-16 1 IN ,2 OUTs 1 THRU and soft THRU
Backup 3.5" floppy disks
Options foot pedals

My Comments
I have wanted one for a long time, I even tried to win one on eBay but was being out bid at the very end (damn snipers). I finally found one in a music store not too far away (isn't that always the way!). I've only been using it for a few months but am quite familiar with it. (a singer I used to work with had one). There are only a few things I can complain about. One: the small memory I tried to SYSEX some S-220 sounds and  the four bank tones were just too large (at 228k)! Two: some of the program quirks are just weird and annoying like switching from composing to performance mode the machine has to reset! But I am in the process (this will take some time I find this a bit tedious) of converting my bands set-list onto the sequencer. It will run the light show, change keyboard sounds, change FX patches,trigger samples, and even play a note or two. I am about half of the way done and am very happy with the way things are going. I just hope I never have any problems with it, and things will be good!

2012: I had problems with it last winter so I put it aside. I thought the disk drive had died on it, but after playing with it the problem is much more serious. It keeps resetting when it tried to use the disk drive. I think it is totally dead. It wouldn't matter so much if there weren't so many songs that are now lost to me. So I have bought another used one from eBay and it is on it's way ...

2013: got another one!

2015: got another one for free, with no power supply, just a bit dusty. So I have one dead one and 2 working sequencers!
I rate it 
I bought it for 225$ c
I owned it from nov 2003 & 2013 - present
Current PrePay value 143$ us
condition of my sequencer
cosmeticaly There are a few typical scratches
electronicallyKeeps resetting. It's toast.
                       New one seems fine.

                       Just a bit dusty.
2016: Still the heart of the whole set-up, and I have a back up just in case!

2014: Have had the new mc-50 for almost a year and am very happy I got it. I used it for the Bėker show and have many future plans as well. I hope I can get the old one fixed to use as a back up.

2012: the disk drive has stopped working, and turned this into a paper weight.

2010: set up with the other keyboards in the basement.

2008: I at the moment have it set up in my dining room! I am gearing up for a live Beker show, and am practicing as much as possible. This is the heart of the whole operation.

2007:I finally moved, so I set everthing up. I have been going through old sequences, quite a few (good) surprizes.


There is a Yahoo Group for the Mc-50 although I have removed myself from thier list because there was so much spam