Type of Device Line Mixer
Year Made 1990
Original List Price $ ?
Channels 12
Memories none
Features 2 effects channels, high/low eq
MIDI none
Outputs Monitor out (L&R) Main out (LR 1/4 out and XLR
Backup none
Options none

My Comments
I ran out of channels on the other mixer!! I decided I should get something with a bit of EQ. It took a while to get one, just because I am cheap and they aren't all that common. At any rate I now have one and am quite happy. I wish it had a few mic inputs, but I will made due without them. Nice sound. For now I am only using 6 channels, but I'm sure I will aquire more gear. Or just hook up some of the things that aren't hooked up yet.
I rate it 
I bought it for 250$ c
I owned it from may 2016 - present
Current PrePay value ?$ us
condition of my gear
cosmeticaly Rackmounts usually have minimal marks or blemishes
electronicallyAll functions work fine
2016: I just have to screw it into the rack, it is already hooked up and making noise!


I don't think I will find much for this