Type of Device Line Mixer
Year Made 1989
Original List Price $ ?
Channels 12
Memories none
Features 2 effects channels 
MIDI none
Outputs Monitor out (L&R) Main out (LR 1/4 out and XLR
Backup none
Options none

My Comments
I bought this when I started aquiring more than a few keyboards, and very selfishly wanted to play them all at the same time! I used it for quite a while but started having some problems with some of the channels. It sat for a while, but I am using it again, although 2 channels are inoperable. I had thought that all they would need is a little cleaning spray in the pots. Unfortunately the 2 channels are beyond that simple remedy. I opened it up and found that 1) it is VERY difficult to get at these pots 2) they are sealed stacked pots and may be difficult (or impossible) to replace. It is only 1 rack space, so there aren't alot of options. 2 Effects loops, a monitor in/out mix, a headphone mix and a main out. There are 2 XLR outs, so this was meant to be a professional unit. Overall very happy with the unit although I would like to try using the effects loop more (and I will!). I just hope that I can fix the 2 broken channels.

Update Mar 26 2016: replaced some op-amps and now all the channels work.

I rate it 
I bought it for 120$ c
I owned it from 2005 - present
Current PrePay value ?$ us
condition of my gear
cosmeticaly Rackmounts usually have minimal marks or blemishes
electronicallyAll functions work fine
2016: Now working fine it handles the majority of the keyboards. The GP-8 runs through effects channel 2 (there may be a problem with effects channel 1).

2014: I have used this on and off since I got it. They reason I keep unplugging it is in the hope that I will take it apart and fix it. I finally did a few weeks ago, but found that I would need new parts to fix channel 1 & 5. When I have some extra money I will contact Roland to see if these parts are still available, I sure hope so. Until then I use it as a 10 Channel mixer.



I don't think I will find much for this