Year Made 1992
Original List Price $1195
Polyphony 30
Mulitimberal 8
Tones & Patches 256 patches 256 tones
Type of Synthesis PCM synthesis
Effects Reverb, Chorus
Sequencer or Arpeggio none
Drum Sets 1
MIDI programmable 1-16 for 8 instruments
Outputs Main Out L & R Sun Out L & R
Backup Sysex
Options none

My Comments
I have been wanting one of these for a long time. I have already sequenced a few songs with just this unit! Unfortunately for me there is just not enough time to experiment with this. I know it can do some very cool things and I am only scratching the surface. So spec-wise it is an 8 channel, 32 voice rompler. But there are alot of sounds in here and you can buy more. I did play with my friends JV-80 to get some new sounds, it was interesting. 

Update 2014: I just bought a SR-JV80-98 Experience II expansion board. Unfortunately like the SN-U110 cards (that I should be getting soon) you just get waveforms. There are patches on there but JV-80,90,1000, and 880 won't read them. So after my show I am going to have to seriously sit down with my JV-880 to program some new sounds!


I rate it 
I bought it for 100$ c
I owned it from Jan 2009 - present
Current PrePay value 157$ us
condition of my keyboard
cosmeticaly A few scrtaches on the front.
electronically Everything works great!
2016: In rack 2, Still hoping I will find time to play more with this. The Experience 2 board is inserted.

2012:Still trying to find time to play with this toy, it is set up in the rack.

2010: set up with the other keyboards in the basement. Need some time to play with the sounds.

2008: I at the moment have it set up in my dining room! I am gearing up for a live Beker show, and am practicing as much as possible. Allthough I am not using it for the show it is now in the rack.


some ; somewhere : too lazy yet