Keyboard 61 keys
Year Made 1982 
Original List Price $??
Polyphony 8 (without autoplay)
Mulitimberal 1
Tones & Patches 5 tones
Type of Synthesis Analogue (DCO's) Synthesis
Effects none
Sequencer or Arpeggio Arpeggio & Auto Play funtions
Drum Sets 8 preset rhythms
MIDI none (auto play sync out)
Outputs 1
Backup n/a
Options Sustain pedal

My Comments
I'm a real sucker. I looked at this and wanted it immediately, why though I'm not sure, because it just plays a few bad sounding pianos with some bad auto chord junk and no MIDI. But it looked really cool and to be honest I'm sure that I already had the gig bag for it. When I bought my JX-3P they gave me a soft case that said piano plus on the side and was this ugly orange color. But all the piano plus keyboards are either much bigger or a bit smaller than my JX. But this one is exactly the same size. It does have a few things going for it like the built in speaker, the auto play sync DIN, and it was cheap. It has 3 piano tones and 2 harpsichord tones but really just the treble is changed for the different sounds. The drum machine is laughable but interesting, and the auto chord stuff reminds me of the old Yamaha organ I started out on.A cool feature is the upper harmony, while you play chords with the left hand below the marker (b3) it will play harmonies for all the melody notes you play. The auto chord feature understands simple M/m chords and 7's but is too primitive to understand anything beyond that. It is a quirky thing and I'm glad to own it.(Did I say it was cheap?)

Nov 2016 : I am going to MIDI-fy a few functions on this old girl.
I rate it 
I bought it for  70$ c
I owned it from jul 2004 - present 
Current PrePay value n/a
condition of my keyboard
cosmeticaly There are a few typical scratches
electronicallyIt seems to be in great shape
2016:It is sitting on the top of my 3 tier stand and has a farily prominent role in the Bėker show. I am taking steps to MIDI a few functions!

2012:It has temorarily lost it's stand (to my mixer but only for a few more weeks) but it is set up on my bar downstairs.

2010: It is set up in the basement with all the other keyboards. I honestly can't beleive it still works as good as it does, still ticking after 20 years (although I've only owned for for the last 6.)

2008 : I at the moment have it set up in my dining room! I am gearing up for a live Beker show, and am practicing as much as possible.

2006:Although I find myself playing it alot, it is not in my touring rig because of it's limited usefulness. I do find it handy for writing and arranging songs because of the the simple rhythm box and no need for an amp. At the moment I am in a cramped little box of a place and though most of my equipment is in storage I like to practice on this one (again no amp needed) so it sits on my bed and I sleep with it.


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