Type of Device Effects unit
Year Made 1987
Original List Price $ ?
Effects 12 reverbs, EQ
Memories 99 programmable
MIDI Channel 1-16
Outputs 2 a,b
Options Foot Pedal

My Comments
I wanted something for reverb for the drums, and after looking at this thought it would be good. I did feel they were overpriced in the current market so I waited. Is still ended up paying more than what I wanted but I guess I just wanted to get it and be done. I hooked it up as soon as I got it and quickly went through the reverbs. Not all of them just some. I was very impressed, it is easy to use and will add some badly needed ambience to the drums.


I rate it 
I bought it for 150$ c
I owned it from 2018 - present
Current PrePay value ?$ us
condition of my gear
cosmeticaly Rackmounts usually have minimal marks or blemishes
electronicallyWorks really well
2018: in the top of rack 2. I already hooked up the drums directly through it, but I have to wait till I get more MIDI cables to hook it up. (I have 8 coming in the mail, but from China)



I'll be honest, I'm not going to look for anything for this, once I print out the manual.