Type of Device MIDI mixer
Year Made 1990
Original List Price $ ?
MIDI ins/outs 8 In, 8 outs
Memories 64
Features Mix or route 8 MIDI ins to 8 MIDI outs, or merge 2 ins
MIDI programmable control channel 1-16, 1-16 for 8 channels
Outputs 8 MIDI outs
Backup Sysex
Options none

My Comments
Well what a conundrom! After hooking it up and testing it, I am totally out of MIDI cables! So for the time being it is just sitting in the rack. It took a while for some reason to get my head around the 8 ports/16 channels, but I think I have it now. When I hook it up my plan will be to have a second rack MIDI line to send PG changes to things that aren't used as much like effects. This way I can double up my MIDI channels as I am starting to run out! I may have to do the same on the keyboard side, because some keys have several MIDI channels. Anyway it may be a bit underused (especially at the moment) but I will need it as the rig expands.


I rate it 
I bought it for 150$ c
I owned it from Aug 2014 - present
Current PrePay value ?$ us
condition of my gear
cosmeticaly Rackmounts usually have minimal marks or blemishes
electronically Seems fine.
2016: Sitting in rack 2 just being a splitter for the moment.

2014: I haven't got enough MIDI cables to hook this up yet so it is just sitting in the rack patiently. 



I don't think I will find much for this