Review By:  Template3
Price: $250.00 USD USED

Ease of Use: This is Rolands mid-level MIDI controller from circa 1984. I am used to Roland keyboards so this one was quite easy to use, but it has 2 major drawbacks. One there is no MIDI in (3 MIDI outs though!) so if you want to sequence patch changes - forget it. Also there is no physical memory in they keyboard itself, all patches must be stored on a m-16c cartridge!! But it will send velocity, aftertouch, volume for your upper and lower zones (if your unit recognizes Vol CC's) modulation depth and rise time (again if your unit recognizes them). 2 Zones with 4 modes upper, lower, dual, split (unfortunately no dual/split).

Features: I guess I covered some of the features in the last bit, but there is more. You can hook up pedals for upper volume, lower volume, upper damper, lower damper, bank shift up, down , and modulation on/off. The bender can be assigned to the upper zone or both. You can assign the MIDI channel for both zones, and set the aftertouch and change the Mode (poly/mono/ omni on/off). There is also a way to set the dynamics for a light touch or a heavy player. You can transpose an octave up or down, and change the patches from the mkb-200.

Sound Quality: The keys respond about the same as most roland keyboards of the same era. An organ feel to them (no resistance) which is one of the reasons I bought this, I am not a piano player!
Reliability/Durability:It seems to use the same chassis as the juno 106, which is another heavy built like a tank keyboard. A big chunk of 3/4" plywood on the bottom, large plastic sides and a metal top. This particular one needs some TLC, some keys in the upper register don't work. It was stored somewhere damp, because the metal under the tips of the keys is rusted, and the circut board is a bit corroded. But it will work 100% again.

Customer Support: Not really happy with them, as I've said before.

Overall Rating: I really wanted a this controller but realize it lacks 1) a MIDI in (which is very important, I do alot of live sequencing so that I won't have to memorize and punch patch numbers) 2) no memory for patches, and this unit did not come with a m-16c cartridge, I guess I will have to buy one ;( But it has alot of nice features and will do for the time being.