Review By:  Template3
Price: CAD1,200.00 CAD

Ease of Use: It was my first synth back in 83 or 84. I remember reading the manual from time to time just for the editing tables and for saving and loading patches to tape ;( (yeah I really did that), but it's only 30 pages long and most of that is taken up by the editing table. I remember being totally mystified by the page that was dedicated to MIDI. I didn't think it was that difficult to use. But I don't think it took long to find it's limitations. I like some of the presets (Filter Flow!!) many are crap. Passed on the PG-200 and never really regretted it (maybe I wouldn't say that if I had one).

Features: 6 note Polyphony, no velocity, no aftertouch, no effects, no explantion. It does have cheesy plastic keys, but I started out on organ rather than piano so this was(is) just fine for me. MIDI is note on/off, hold, Program Change and bender info so it kinda sucks. OMNI is on by default which also kinda sucks, and it doesn't recieve an OMNI off (CC124). What you have to send is a POLY mode change, CC127.(this is frustratingly common in Rolands older synths). I remember using the step sequencer alot when I first got it. I don't think I have used it in at least 10 years, it's really not useful, now if the MIDI in read clock signals ...

Sound Quality: Realistic instruments?? OK this is an analogue synth expect Dr. Who sounds and your in the ballpark.

Reliability/Durability: As I said I have had this one forever, and it's still going. Though like any senior it's starting to have some issues, although I can attribute some of the problems to 1) smokey bars 2) some idiot stepped on it one really cold winter when it was in the back of the van 3) a girlfriends cat sprayed it and I lost a few keys in the lower register ;( . But it's still going. Made with 3/4 inch plywood on the bottom thick plastic sides and a metal top. Never had any issues with the buttons unlike some other Roland gear.

Customer Support: I have mixed reviews. Some people I've dealt with are useless. Some have been quite helpful. I guess it depends what day you call.

Overall Rating: I have lots of other roland gear and have been playing for a while (I bought it in 83 right?). I love my JX-3P I still gig with it (although I am prepareing to retire it before it gets damaged any more). I love the architecture and the sound maybe a bit brittle for an analogue (OK! DCO ... purists) but it has never sounded harsh to me. The one area that could be better is the MIDI but at least it had it. (BTW there's someone from Denmark I beleive making a new OS similar to what Analog.no did for the MKS-30!! Cool !!)I'm sure I will enjoy playing this for another long, long while.