Review By:  Template3

Price: $27.00 USD USED

Ease of Use: Simple really, there are 5 sounds 3 pianos and 2 harpsichords, (it sounds like they just roll off a little treble for the next sound)And they are CHEEZY!!. There is a rhythm section and auto chord section that will play along when you make a chord below the arrow (B3). There are 4 variations of bass and arpeggio patterns. The auto chord will understand simple chords (M/m/7) but not much more. There are 8 preset rhythms that I just can't help but laugh every time I hear them. But I love this cheese.

Features: It's hard to say what the polyphony is but it is at least 8 (WOW!), there is no velocity (this was made in 1982!)no MIDI, just a built in speaker (if that is a benefit). There is a 5 pin DIN on the back that says autoplay sync I'm curious if it sends clock signals??? Like I said 8 rhythms, 4 auto bass patterns, 4 arpeggio patterns.

Sound Quality: cheese.

Reliability/Durability: I just bought it but it looks like it has been around a bit. A huge chunk of 3/4" plywood on the bottom and thick plastic sides, and a metal top. I have a JX-3p and it uses the same case (just my ep-11 is white, btw they also came in simulated wood grain), and it has been bashed around for 20 years and still ticking!

Customer Support: The only time I used a supposed Roland technician, he had no clue what it was or how to fix it. (My S-220 quick drive wouldn't read disks, after chatting online I fixed it in 10 minutes!). Granted the techs here are only used to working on toasters and Tv's, and become affiliated with whatever to get business.

Overall Rating:  If someone stole it, they would probably return it the next day, but if they didn't I would probably try to replace it for around the same price. Although I really like it I don't recommend it, unless you like crappy sounds, or want to start a cheesy one man band to play stuff like "Yellow Bird" ect. Obviously this is not my only keyboard, and I'm not sure how much use I will get out of it in the next decade, but it is exactly what I wanted. A cheesy piano.