Bėker, the shows.
Dec 10 2013- Private Show

I wanted to do something VERY private, hopefully making it easier, to get through the material. I think it actaully made it harder. I did start to feel comfortable after the Ixtab wich is near the end. It was exhilarating and scary, and for a little over an hour, the drama was real! I was determined at that point I would definately going to do this for real.

May 15 2014 - The Art Center Prince Albert - With Continuum Flux

The days leading up to the show were filled with this ominous dread that I wouldn't get everything done in time. I was right. I was creating a video to go along with the show, and started rendering it in the morning. After 4 hours and only 1/3 of the way through the computer crashed and the idea of doing that evaporated. I forgot that without it I would need an MP3 player to do the bits inbetween the songs so that ended up no happening either. Mike helped as much as he could to cart the multitude of crap I needed for the Bėker show up the horrible stairs. Mike by the way is Continuum Flux who so graciously opened the show. He had alot of problems as well, but this is my blog. The turn out was dismal, but there was enough people to call it a show. In the end I made a very acceptable effort. I made a myriad of mistakes but didn't let that slow me down. I felt fairly confident after Nexus which is only about 5 songs in. There was one further problem when I hit Unthinkable, it turns out I forgot to hook up the S-220, so there was no sample for the solo. I took a minute to fix this before Ixtab. To be honest, moving a big set-up like this I am surprized that is the only problem I had. While I was quite disappointed about the turnout, it was a good step forward, and while I don't want to move my equipment up and down those stairs again, I DO hope to try this again. With video and with people!


Roland MC-50
Roland JX-3P
Roland EP-11
Roland U-20
Roland MKB-200
Roland S-220
Roland S-550
Roland MKS-7
Roland M-120 (mixer)
Roland GP-8 (effects)
Yorkville LP-608
2 x Yorkville LP-304
1 modified Yorkville LP-304
8 MIDI cables
10 instrument cables
6 Mic cables
several power extention cables
4 powerbars
Miscellaneous lighting
Black backdrop

April 6 2018 - The Mann Art Gallery Prince Albert
The Drama Compendium

Although I was much more prepared for this show, there were still alot of problems. The biggest was simply getting everything there and set up on time. It didn't happen and that created a few problems. Nothing too huge or horrible, although when I realized the keybaords were too far apart in Make it Real I was panicing! No the problems that caused difficulty were things I didn't expect. But let me go back a bit. I had to do some last minute things and when I returned my uncle was at the house and I couldn't run away without a quick visit. All said it put me about one and a half hours behind, then Todd was unable to get there till 6, so I had no help, and less time to setup in. Jordan was a big help, as he arrived before Todd. The big problem was all the people who said they would be there, weren't. There were so few people I could have done this in my basement again. So part-way through the first set, the u-220 cuts in and out, I am rattled but continue on and finish the first set. Then in the second set after the first song, Todd says the front end isn't on. After pissing around I decide to skip the EQ and there is the front end. So the EQ isn't working. I had to pause the video for this and kind of lose my pacing a bit. The the U-220 cuts out for good. Again short story, the channel died on my M-120, so when I have the time I have to replace ALL of the op-amps in there. I quickly put it into a channel on the M-12E but I had to stop the video again. after this I had a relatively good set. Only forgot a few words and a few mistakes here and there. The first set was a bit worse, but I do think it was because I was so rushed. Then I had to break it all down and take it home. 2 days later I am still bring things in. So this time I had video, but still no people. Today I am working on a DVD of the night. So although not perfect I can still watch it without cringing too much.

Equipment : Mics: Sure SM58 x2 // Keyboards: MKB-200, MKB-300, EP-11, JX-3P, JUNO-106, V-256 // Rack1: S-220, S-550, MKS-7, MKS-10, MKS-30 // rack2: DEP-3, GP-16, M-12e, M-120, A-880, VP-70, GP-8, MKS-50, D-110, U-220, JV-880 // rack3: LP-504 x4, LP-304 (modified) // rack4: power conditioner x2, cable tester // Lights: LP-608 x2, LP-304 x2, white flood light, radio shack disco light, UV light x2, Beker rope light, specialty UV light x2, mini gobo light x2, specialty LED light x2, regular white bulb, fake fireplace // Stands: mic stand with boom x2, 3 tier A frame leyboard stand, X style keyboard stand x2, homemade backdrop stand // pa system: yorkville elite max 2000 tops, yorkville single 18" subs, audio pro power amps x2, yorkville crossover, QSC power amp, yorkville 12" monitors x2, alesis EQ, peavey EQ // misc: black backdrop, white backdrop for video, video projector, dvd player w/ remote, about 10 miles of XLR, 1/4" & MIDI cabling

8 March 2020 - Private Show

After making the show smaller and then a new show that was smaller yet. I had prepared a guerrilla style set-up and unleashed it at this private show. I wasn't feeling the greatest but was already getting the feeling that I wouldn't be able to do this show later. I had been practicing quite a bit so the show went well, my voice held up, and I was actually quite happy with it all. Unfortunately only one of the video cameras recorded and it ran out of batteries about 15 minutes before the end. I was hoping this success would embolden me to do more shows, but then the world closed. Hopefully I will get the courage to do this again when the world opens again.

Equipment : Mics: Sure SM58 x2 // Keyboards: Juno-di, RS-5 // Lights: 5 mini lights // Stands: mic stand with boom // pa system: Yamaha Stagepas system, Hartke a-70 // misc: black backdrop and stand