Bėker, my equipment and hacks. A very long winded description.

This didn't start as a blog, but I have a blog for almost everything else.

The old blog was getting too long so I started another one

Jan 16 2016

Today I am feeling quite awful. I returned from my holidays and a day or two later started having tummy issues, I hope it doesn't last long. So while I wasn't feeling good I started playing the keys. I opened the four songs I haven't finished recording yet. I think Challenge is probably ready to go, Supernova/Supercollider just needs a solo and lyrics. Opus is still in an early stage, but could be completed quite quickly and Snowangels I couldn't even check as I don't have the D-110 hooked up ATM. No new aquisitions although I am keeping my eye on a couple of things. I am looking very seriously at a chip that would change MIDI clock signals into Sync-24 signals. My biggest problem would be that I would still have to monkey around in the inside of my EP-11 to make it work because the Sync-24 on the EP-11 is OUT only! I'm sure I could tap into the proper places to accept an incoming signal, but I would have to disable the panel controls. BUT then I could possibly use and sync the drums and appreggio. That could be alot of fun. I found a new way to set the JX-3P to not OMNI, just press POLY on the MKB-300! Easy. Still waiting for chips for my stupid amp, I ordered more from the states so hopefully I will finally have them in a few weeks. Then I can try to start repairing other things.

Jan 29 2016

Well I moved the bass amp off of the bench because I installed the power transistors and it still didn't work. So I really wasn't planning on doing anything, but I thought I would just open the Jx-3p and see if the chip I need to replace for the MIDI upgrade kit was in a socket or not. I thought I had some sockets but after looking, I don't, so I figured I should see if I need to order some. Luckily it was socketed. Then I thought I should see if I can fix my repair. There is a crack in the panel circuit board, and I tried jumpering across by using wires connected to the closest solder joint. I retraced the paths to make sure everything was right, then I found a join that didn't seem very good. After playing with it, there was something that was preventing a good solder join there like an oil or something that I can't seem to clean away. So I used a different join and made a connection to the other bad place. I also added a jumper for the ground, just to make sure and finally I can access number buttons 9 to 14! I wasn't going to do any more but figured I could drop in the chip for the MIDI upgrade solder the one wire to the main CPU and leave it at that. I did that and it took literally one minute, so I unhooked the MIDI jack board and quickly looked at what I would have to do to that. After a bit of looking I decided I could probably put this together fairly quickly too. So I had to open 2 paths on the circuit board, remove a resistor and a jumper wire, then solder 10 wires on various places on the board. It actually took longer to put the JX-3p back together. I plugged it back in and tried it out. So number one all the number buttons are working again!! Then I started playing it with the MKB-200. I wanted to make sure the OMNI was off. It didn't seem to be as the MKS-7 was playing as well, then I realized the JX-3P was receiving MIDI channel 3, and ONLY MIDI channel 3! I shut it off and tried the velocity mode, that was cool, then I shut it off and set the MIDI channel to 1. Then I set the MKB-200 to send CC's to the JX. The first one was the VCA level and sure enough I could play with the volume. I then HAD to try the cutoff level, and that worked great too! I played with the JX for about a half hour and decided all was good. I guess I have to open the S-220 now. Hopefully it is something I can fix. Oh and I have 5 80017 chips I can drop in the acetone bath, when ever I am ready to try that again.

Feb 24 2016

Progress has been very slow. I opened the S-220 and checked the voltages on the power supply and everything looked great, so my only guess is the capacitor by the cyrstal supplying the sample chip, or maybe even the crystal. Unfortunately there isn't ANYWHERE close that carries capacitors!! All I need is a 10 cent frigging part! So it is waiting. I also opened the MKS-30 and started removing the chips and dropped the chips I had into the acetone bath. Holy frig those chips were hard to remove! I finally just broke the last two out and will have to replace the legs. So I am just waiting for some DIP sockets (I couldn't get SIP sockets), they shouldn't be too hard to modify for the single 12 pin arragement. Then I will see if I have 6 chips that still work. I accidently broke one trying to get it out, so I have 10 80017 chips and 1 clone. Hopefully I can get both of these going soon.

Mar 28 2016

Weird I thought I wrote an entry here, I guess I didn't. So I got tired of waiting and just hooked up the S-220 and it seems to be fine. Who knows? So about a week ago I worked the MKS-30 and installed the sockets. I put in and tested 6 chips and they seem ed to work so I thought I was done and closed it up. Turns out one of the chips won't work at first, but after some tinkering it will come 'on'. So I tonight I tried some of the other chips I have but unfortunately they don't work. So the MKS-30 is sorta working, I guess I will have to order at least 1 chip. 2 nights ago I opened and repaired the M-120 mixer, I replaced a couple of op-amps and it works fine now. (I think). So the tinkering continues.

April 2 2016

I finally installed the handles and wheels I bought for the new rack. I also installed a little strip of wood across the back to reduce the stress of the cords on the mixer. This entailed unplugging all the MIDI and 1/4 inch cords and when I had the strength put it all back together. I wanted to know how long it would take, so I set my timer. 52 minutes! And after a bit of testing of course I had to fix some mistakes. But I think I finally have a handle on what is where. I will have to make a new MIDI chart and the mixer set-up. Because the main controller can controll ALL of the devices, I have had to change a few MIDI channels. Most notably the MKS-10 which for now is settled at 12. I just realized that the JUNO-106 and the D-110 are on the same channel, I may have to do more tweaking. The RS-5, U-20 and alpha JUNO-1 are not being used at the moment. In fact the U-20 and JUNO have been replaced by thier corresponding rack synths (U-220, and MKS-50). The U-20 and JUNO will now be used excusively for another project. I am thinking of selling the RS-5, maybe, I don't know. So the only fixing left is the adjustment of the JUNO-106 and when I order some D80017 chips to replace them in the MKS-30. I do wish I could have 2 fixes for the programming of the JUNO-106. I wish it would memorize the MIDI channel, and I wish you could send a CC to put it in MONO/POLY modes. Sigh. If I get ambitious I may look at trying to control some of the functions on the EP-11 by MIDI, but that seems quite far off.

Really all this is old news, but because the keyboards were finally set up again I ran through the Bėker set and then started pissing around. I have really wanted to play with the keyboards as drums, so I started with a couple of things. I was going to program a sound on the JX-3p and then realized I could program it from the sequencer! I am finally getting to use a small bit of my investment of the Organix MIDI upgrade! I brought up the jet sound (B16) and shortened the attack and the release and set up a 16th pattern. I programmed a lower note for the snare sound on 2 and 4 but it really didn't cut through enough. I was going to use the MKS-30 but I found the MKS-7 sound chart first. There is a noise crack sound that worked great. Then I found this low sound on the JUNO-106 and added it as a kick sound. I programmed this for 100 bars. I had a simple little pattern that repeated with different bass notes, and at first I was going to use the MKS-10 for the verses, but I may not be able to, I'll explain later. I found a cool sync sound for the bass using the MKS-30. For the chorus after playing around alot I found this classical inspired sort of chormatic climbing thing. I settled on the orchestra sound I made for the U-20 (U-220). The chorus needed a bit of a boost rhythmically so I looked my Fdrums for the S-220 and doubled the kick and snare, just for the chorus and added a cute little snare pitch thing at the end. I thought just to set the melody I had in my head I would program the VP-70 in vocoder mode, but I liked it and programmed the whole song. The VP-70 is only hooked up to the right mic, so for now the only keyboard I can play with my right hand is the EP-11, I may be able to change this later as I have a Electroharmonix V-256 pedal on it's way (I actually had a new one at home, but it kept turning off randomly, so I had to send it back). So I had 2 verses and 2 chorus' I was thinking about an instrumental or a solo, but didn't really think it felt right, so I just played the intro, but added the phaser from the GP-8 for the 8 bars. Then I added a third chorus and decided that should be it. I made a cute little ending flourish for the vocals at the end. It just needs lyrics. And I may have to clean up a bit of my sequencing, especially the VP-70 stuff as it is tough to program. I am quite happy with this, AND it incorporates alot of new stuff, or stuff that I haven't used alot yet. OH! and I took the new photo at the top.

May 31 2016

I ordered a bunch of crap to make the Bėker show easier and 2 of them arrived today. One actually arrived yesterday but I didn't have time to set it up till today. I got an 8 channel 1/4 inch unbalanced snake. I will hook up all the synths in the MKS rack, the S-220, S-550, the MKS-10, the MKS-30 and 4 channels for the MKS-7. The other device I got today was my new (to me) M-12e rackmount mixer. Another 12 channels but with 2 bands of eq! I hooked both things up and had to set up a the first 3 strips and channel 12 (which is from the other mixer for now) unfortunatley the mic above the 2 controllers can't be hooked up yet as the mixer does not have mic inputs, only 1/4 inch ins. But when I get the EH vocoder pedal again I will be back in business! Didn't play long today, maybe tomorrow.

Jun 26 2016

My Electro Harmonix Pedal finally arrived last week. Today was the first time I was actually able to try it. I was quite fascinated by Helena Beat by Foster the People, as the vocal is sang by a male but sounds female, and thought I would try something. Because Supercollider/Supernova still has no vocals (or solo) I decided I would just try a bit of that. I set up the pedal and sang some old lyrics (that I am starting to like). The first attempt I tried in my regular octave and it sounded not so good. So the next attempt I tried an octave higher in falsetto, it sounded not to bad. I checked the manual and adjusted the knobs a bit more and did a similar third try. It sounded very good, except some parts were distorting a bit in the pedal. I may need a compressor before the pedal. Anyway the results were very satisfactory although I don't think this is the right song for that effect. I will have to play with some of the other effects as well. Maybe I will vocode the vocals on this one. Maybe.

Sept 9 2016

What a weird summer, it literally just evaporated. I guess I had a bunch of other things to do, and really had no time for anything else. I have started playing the keyboards again a bit. And have made a couple of decisions. One is that I would like to record Where I Am as well as the remaining 4 unfinished songs (Supercollider, Challenge, Opus, & Snow Angels). This would make the album 13 songs and probably around 70 minutes long. I just don't like that so I will break it into an EP and an album. The EP will be called Ordinary, and have more piano style songs on it (Where I Am, Make it Real, Away, Summer Burns). The album will have the remaining 9 songs (Opus, Supercollider, 2nd Place, Ritual, Exhaust, Orchard, Ice Flows, Challenge, Snow Angels) and still called Places That Don't Exist (although I gave it a new cover). I already have a new batch of songs in their embryonic stage and it's so hard to stay excited about the old stuff, but I think I will once I get the ball rolling again. In other news, I had my eye on an EP-6060 that I desired, but it was in a want ad in Edmonton (about a 5 hour drive). I was hoping I could get there before teh ad expired, but I couldn't so I have decided to use the money any way. The MKS-30 still had 1 bad 80017 chip which has now turned to 2. There is a Candian seller of a 80017 clone for about half of the price of the D'naab clones. I'm hoping it is not too good to be true, but I will check it out. That means that if the EP-6060 comes up again, even if I can get to Edmonton, I won't be able to afford it. But I think it is high time to get the MKS-30 fully working.

Sept 16 2016

If I had only known, the last entry was on Roland day (909)! Anyway today I worked on the drums for Where I Am. I got to the last chorus before I got tired of fixing drum parts. I want to get that recorded so I can put out the ordinary EP. I have a couple of ideas, which means change. I think I should use either the VP-70 or the V-256 for all of the harmonies for this EP. Make it real already has them, but I could sequence them for Summer Burns and Where I Am. I will also have to make a sample of the backwards vocal after the solo for Where I Am. I am hoping I can make it fit into 1 bank on the S-220. So I have a bit of recording ahead of me. Listening to the :) EP I think I have to mix everything a bit hotter as well, I'm getting into that late 80's thin sound crap and that is no good. Won't have time to do anything till next week, but I guess it is good to have a plan. I was just thinking about getting another vocoder when I checked google, I guess Roland has released a bunch of new stuff in thier boutique line, and the VP-03 looks pretty cool! But I really don't have 500$ for such a toy (600$ if I want the keyboard dock) but it does look and sound really good. It makes me drool, and truthfully it HAS been a while since any new toys have really made me drool (just the white Juno-Di, not the black one). Although definately out of my price range the new System 8 looks really good too. Drool.

Sept 17 2016

I decided to continue working on Where I Am today. I am really enjoying playing this song. I finished the drums and added a few things like piano chords behind the solo and some strings. Because there was a guitar solo for the last half I have been working on some new solo ideas and have some cool ideas mostly worked out. Then I was thinking about using the vocoder, but I will have to make a new patch with the direct vocal coming through as well. I was thinking of hooking up the EH V256, but I would have to get a bunch of other stuff from the van. Anyway I played with it for the 2 hours before work. Then I ran out of time.

Sept 18 2016

Today I started to continue working on Where I Am. I wanted to get the sample with the reverse reverb on it. So I opened a file in cubase. I opened the song Away, and while I was at it I decided to tweak the mix then all of the sudden I decided wouldn't it be cool if I added some vocoder for the choruses. I hooked up my EH V-256 and practiced a bit then recorded the vocoder track. I sounded awesome! I really love the sound of the V256 and can't wait to use it more. I knew I didn't have much time so I muted all of the tracks and got a couple of takes of the part for Where I Am. I reversed it added the reverb reversed it again and then hooked it up to my S-220 sampler. It has been a while since I sampled anything so I took a few minutes to get everything saved properly, but it was an easy sample to get. I added it into the sequence and then I really ran out of time. Maybe I can start recording tomorrow.

Sept 21 2016

Looks like I missed an entry. Before work a couple of days ago I recorded Where I Am, and fixed the distorting vocoder parts on Away. The next day I uploaded the works to bandcamp and have a new EP out, you know that 6 people will look at but none will actually listen to. it's called Ordinary by the way. But the reason I am posting is because I recieved 2 new 80017 chips today. I installed them in my MKS-30 and they sound fantastic awesome! But now I hear another chip going! Crap it never ends!

Sept 22 2016

I am SO pissed off!!! I thought I would play the MKS-30 today and the chip that was going last night went, and it just hangs the stupid note. I tried to ignore it but it is just too annoying. So I have to buy another chip. For something completely different, I have an interesting idea. I have been watching some auctions for some interesting upgrade chips for drum machines, and think I can use them to control my EP-11, somewhat. I will have to look into it a bit more, but this could be really cool.

Oct 23 2016

I got the final 80017 chip for the MKS-30. It has been 11 years since this has been 100%!!! There are 2 original chips still in there, but they are stripped of thier epoxy. The chip that I replaced was one I bought on ebay with a little sticker that said 'working checked in Feb 2013'. Hopefully I will have no more troubles with this. The sounds are awesome. It is funny to me, but even though the architecture is the same the sound is so different. I think it is the shitty chips, especially the filter. As the filter in the JX-3p is more discrete with the IR305 chip, on the MKS-30 it is intergrated into the 80017 chip, and sounds more Juno-like. The dynamics button is Very cool. It is a bit sad that you can't control any of it, it is either on or off, but it does affect the VCA,ENV, and the VCF. So now I am trying to figure out how to build a circuit for the 2 chips for the EP-11. I have decided that I will jump in just after the buttons and create a sort of local on/off, that will default to off. But when on the controls for some buttons will come from MIDI. I found that I won't have enough controls on the chip for all of the buttons. I would be short 3, and I can't buy another 30$ chip for 3 controls. I have decided I probably don't need the auto bass or the auto chord and will have to give up the upper harmony. It will be enough to control the drums and arpeggio. The big trick will be to build this circuit, the local on/off, the rest should be fairly straight forward (I'm hoping). I should be able to cut into each button line just after the button and before the diode. I believe the rest is handled by the chip (such as the latching ect.). And another (20$) chip will control the tempo with the MIDI clock. I can cut into that line just before entering the Main chip on the INT pin. For now I can make a switch to do this, but I would like to have it all internal and automatic, so we will see. I just have to buy the 50$ worth of chips to start. Oh and I made a big list of MIDI channels and mixer channels so I can start to keep things straight. I have room for 9 more MIDI devices, but only 6 audio mixer channels. What a dilemma! Oh and I also made 1 small change to the sequencing. The MKB-200 was controlling both outs of the MC-50 sequencer, but there is getting to be too much overlap, so it now just controls OUT 1 which is the MKS rack. 1 song will need a modification, the song Neverending was using the U-220 strings with the MKB-200, but it is now not possible. I used the strings (strings2) on the JX and it seemed to be OK, but I will have to program that. But now I can turn on the MKS-50, D-110 and JV-880 which were being un-intentionally triggered by the MKB-200, and now will be only triggered by the MKB-300. Oh and there is a bad MIDI cable somewhere after the MKB-300 that is causing all sorts of problems. But I found a MIDI cable that the end had become completely broken (all pins broken!!) and I think this is what happened to another cable, but it is making just enough contact to work most of the time. I will have to find it and replace it. And I have decided I need to get 2 more microphones with stands as I do not wish to share resources with a different project, as I am sure I will forget to take them one time, and that will be disasterous. AND I have also hooked up my EH V256 to the left mic and it is Magnificent! I like it so much I have decided to add another cover to the list. I am programming Spacelab by Kraftwerk but I am in no rush as I will be changing the structure a bit. OK I think I am done, for now.

Oct 25 2016

I haven't really done anything today, although I may yet finally screw the M-12E mixer into the case. Maybe. But I did want to mention I think I actually want a new Roland product. Although I did kinda want a white Rolad Juno Di, I think it was just because I was hoping I could get something a bit more modern. At the moment the RS-5 is the newest keyboard being around 14 years old, then next newest would be either the JV-880 or the MC-50, if memory serves they are from 1989. But after playing with the V256 I think I really want a Roland VP-03 not only does it have a cool vocoder, but the voice and string sections are awesome. My big problem with it, is simply, it is not MIDI programable. Well it is a bit pricey as well. Oh and that someone has re-posted the ep-6060. I will have to make a trip to Edmonton for sure.

Nov 2 2016

I have been updating a couple of things on the roland pages, and sadly I see the EP-6060 is no longer listed in my buy and sell. But it will remain on my want list. I guess I can't afford it at this time anyway. Things have been quite busy so I really haven't had much time to spend with my toys. OK I spent the last couple of hours looking at how I can wreck my EP-11. I guess the next step is to open the EP-11 up and see if any of this is possible. I am breaking everything down step by step. Looking to see where I can cut into the current keyboard to make them MIDI controlable. There are a few unknowns, but alot of it should be fairly straight forward. I will have to buy a breadboard to start testing things on. I just want to check the voltages at the switches to see if this is worth pursuing or not. I will have to find a few of my electronics books to start figuring this out.

Nov 5 2016

Nothing really to report, but I did finish programming Spacelab. Pretty happy with the result. Maybe I will have to record and post it.

Dec 8 2016

Wow a whole lot of pissing around. I set up my 2 cameras to record but made so many mistakes the whole 20 minutes is unusable. Hopefully I will try again soon. I built another rack, but I'm not really sure what it was supposed to house. I haven't bought any handles or wheels, so really all it is at the moment is a wood box. And I finally did buy the PIC chips for the EP-11. They are still in the mail, but on the way. I think I have given up on the idea of fixing the Boss reverb and the Hartke amp. I may use them to hold other electronic projects. Maybe next time I should hook up ALL the cameras, I have 2 VHS camcorders, which could be cool. I could even hook up my phone. LOL.

Dec 10 2016

I guess I need more time to set up. Long after supper I tried to set up the 2 flip cameras and I was thinking of using one of the camcorders. In the end I realized I needed more tripods. I set up the 2 flip cameras and my phone. So I tried recording Where I Am, Spacelab, and Don't Cry. Half way through Where I am one of the flip cameras batteries died. Then on top of making alot of mistakes in the solo for Spacelab the sampler started playing the Where I Am sample and ruined the ending. I didn't even bother recording Don't Cry. I had to convert the phones file from a MOV to something I could use. I turned it into a AVI, but the quality of the transfer was not great. Overall it would have been good if I hadn't made so many bad mistakes, and if I had started this earlier I probably could have tried again. But it was late already. I have been listening to the Bėker material and would like to finish recording the CD. I was running through Challenge, and all it needs are lyrics and a solo. Although when playing around I found an awesome sound for it, it may not take long to figure this one out. Opus needs some work, as does Snow Angels, but I don't think it would take long to put together. Supercollider or whatever it ends up being called, need lyrics and a solo. Then there are a few fixes for the stuff that is already recorded. Orchard needs a bit of a re-work. I may have to fix some of the drumming as well. And Exhaust needs the back-up vocals to be redone. I hope I can do some of this soon.

Dec 11 2016

Today before work I serviced my vanity and took a few Bėker promo shots. Not sure which, if any, I will use.

Dec 13 2016

Feeling so lazy. I braved the wicked cold to go get the mail, and my PIC chips had arrived. I wonder if they survived the cold? I will hook something up hopefully tomorrow. I have ordered some octocouplers but they are coming from China and may take a while. I don't need the one in my broken LP-504 so I might pull the whole board, just to see if I can make any of this work. In the meantime I tried (mostly un-successfully) to record some Bėker stuff from the basement. I got an OK version of Where I Am and Spacelab, but I couldn't get all the cameras going yet again. And most importantly, I had one of the cameras set up specifically to show me playing the solo for Spacelab and from where it is sitting the whole solo is obscured by my left hand and arm. Maybe I can use a take from one of the other days. I'll see. Because the MP4 is so long Vegas will not convert it, so I am waiting while I convert 2 - 45 minute videos to crappy AVI. I thought while I was waiting I could do something constructive, so I went downstairs to record a bit of something (maybe Challenge!), but remembered there were some crappy drum parts. So I decided to fix those. It took a couple of hours, but I also did a bit of housekeeping on the sequence, and most of the exteraneous noises are gone. I also worked on the solo and sequenced it so I won't forget it. So I think the music for this one is ready to record. I thought I might work on something else for a bit and loaded Snow Angels, but there is only a highhat and some sound that I no longer know what it was supposed to be. I know I wanted the snow bell sound from the JV-880, but I think I can only get drum sounds from the drum channel, and (for reasons of limited MIDI channels) have it off (just as i have the D-110s drums off as well). But beyond that, there is nothing there for guidance. I have no idea how long each part should be, but I guess at this limited almost template state, it really doesn't matter. Maybe there is another sequence, I will look tomorrow. At any rate, I lost interest and I was getting cold down there anyway. I was thinking about Supernova (I completed the lyrics last night!) I will have to see how the keyboards are arranged, as I know the intro and outro used the ajuno-1, and the second half of the main part used the u-20. Both of which are now controlled by the MKB-300 (the u-220 and MKS-50). So I will have to see what I can do to make this playable, I may have to hook up the other controller jack from the GP-8. I want to try and get this recording finished soon. Lots to do.

Dec 14 2016

After finishing some of the things I was supposed to take care of today, I recorded Challenge. I was just thinking I would do as much as I could, but I ended up doing all of the instrumental tracks. I even recorded the solo. I did a rough mix and am listening to it right now. I sounds pretty good, needs a couple of tweeks but nothing serious. Now I just have to come up with lyrics. If I had more time before work tomorrow I would try to do some vocals (either for Supernova or Exhaust) but that is unlikely. I know I said I wasn't going to discuss recording here anymore but it is my blog. Oh crap I forgot to try hooking up my new chips. I also rendered Where I Am and Spacelab, but not entirely sure if I should post them or not.

Dec 22 2016

I finally recorded vocals for Supernova. I tried to get the video from the other day off of the camera, but something happened, and they were corrupted, then the camera wasn't charged enough, so there is no video for Challenge or Supernova. But then I decided to record the solo as well and I hooked up the old VHS-C camera and used it although again I'm not sure how much I got, if any footage. So Supernova is mostly done. There might be a few bits or bobs I want to record yet, and I probably have to mix it a bit better, but the bulk of it is done.

Dec 20 2017

Wow! Almost a whole year since the last entry. So I have been working on the show, and have video for the binary drama and a short first set mostly of the ordinary ep songs. I have been practicing a bit and I think I am finally ready to book a show. I'll let you know if it happens.

Dec 22 2017

Really sick today so I played with the song Opus a bit, I think I have a rough outline for the song. But you know, I think I forgot to save it. I then got distracted and recorded a auto-tuned version of Supernova. I have been trying to make the V256 vocoder fit into this song since the beginning. Still not sure if I like it, and if I do I will have to fix a couple spots. I don't know. I have to get some lyrics for Challenge. Oh and Vegas is crashing alot now, so if I am not done my video editing, well I am done my video editing. I just actually have to burn a new CD and test it. So much to do before Christmas.

Dec 26 2017

Didn't have much to do today so I played keys for a while. Later in the evening I loaded Opus in the sequencer and checked and sure enough I didn't save my new ideas. It was OK though I did remember them. I decided I had better record these ideas before I forget them, so I did a scratch track of keyboard and a scratch track of drums. I then decided I should work on lyrics I almost have 2 verses before I got stuck. I played it a few more times and thought I actually did need a different part. The verses were too repetitive. I started playing around and almost came up with something. I started to hum a melody and actually the original verse melody was almost working, so after a while I decided to just use different bass notes in the second half of the verse. What a difference it makes! I think this song is mostly finished now. I loaded Snow Angels and really there won't be much to do except lyrics. I also loaded a song that I am calling Steamy for now. It is almost complete, but I had all of the vocals going through the vp-70, when I would actually need to use the other mic. So I made a couple of changes to use the V-256 and saved that too.

Jan 18 2018

The last couple of days I have been fooling around with Opus. I saved a new version without the scratch tracks and quantized the drums, then came the ridiculously long process of fixing them. Last night I did the bulk of it, and today made some small changes. It's not quite ready yet, there are a few fills that I had left unquantized, that have to be moved a bit, because they are throwing me off when I am playing. I am very close to recording this, I even have a rough idea for the solo. So I need another verse and a half for lyrics, I'm sure it wouldn't take long to finish. Then I will have to work on lyrics for Challenge and Snow Angels. Oh and I remixed Supernova and Exhaust again. I may take yet another stab at the vocals for Supernova, and one of the back ups on Exhaust needs to be fixed. So things are moving along, glacially. No news on booking the show yet.

Jan 26 2018

I am so disappointed. I will have to backtrack a bit. I have been playing and working on the sets and thinking about Opus. I haven't fixed the drums yet, but I was going to start tonight, but first I wanted to make some new sounds. I started with the U-220 and made a few new sounds. I was going to do one on the MKS-50 but realized I wanted a certain bass sound on the MKS-30. Something similar to a sound on my JX-3P, so I did that. I looked at the MKS-50 and decided I should work on Opus. But first I thought I would listen to some of the sounds on the D-110, there was nothing. I'm not sure what happened but the D-110 isn't set up like I had it and it is doing funny things. I tried for an hour to get it working properly but I just couldn't. All I can get it to do is play the BASS4 sound. I'm not 100% sure but it could be that the internal battery has died. Then I thought I would listen to a few sound on the JV-880 and IT'S not working properly either. I play with that a bit, but I guess I will have to dig out the manuals for these before I do anything more. Now I am too frustrated to do any more programming tonight.