I decided that everyone seemed to think D'naab's chips where very good and bought 2. Then  I bought my Juno 106  broken, opened it up and replaced the chips. It worked fantastic! Unfortunatedly one of the other old chips decided to go.

I finally broke down and ordered the sliders and stuff from Hong Kong. They were pretty expensive for just some sliders and plastic, but what can you do? They are the only ones who make it. After taking 3 months to ship I got them and opened the Juno up to make it cosmetically right. I wish I had the D80017 chip at this point but I didn't. Anyway that went great and now all the sliders work properly.
OpenedYou can see the big D80017's I already put in
Tools and partsPutting in new sliders
The broken old crapAll fixed
I ordered another 2 chips, because I also had an ailing MKS-30. And heard about this new technic of removing the vinyl coating with acetone. So I finally got around to trying it and ... FAIL. But there is the possibility it was the IR chip that had failed, so I haven't given up on it. Anyway I put one of the new chips in and now I could hear that chip 6 was starting to go. FUCK! So I will try the acetone treatment on either the Juno's bad chip or the MKS's one and we'll see what happens.
An A80017 sitting acetoneMissing a chip (the channel is marked, this is missing #3)
Blank #3After 2 days in the acetone
Most of it came off but I needed a toothpick to get between the chip leads